About Us

IMG_4436View Himalaya Resort presents unparalleled luxury with a touch of tradition offering a perfect blend of luxury and comfort. View Himalaya Resort  is about escaping the everyday and savoring every moment. Rich experiences. Warmth that enchants. Established in 2008,View Himalaya Resort  draws on its proud history, charismatic character and heartfelt services.

Deciding to come to View Himalaya Resort is deciding to go really off the beaten path. Till now the resort has been a closely guarded secret kept by serious mountain bikers, hikers and of course, writers. View Himalaya Resort is that little piece of untouched Nepal that all the tourists yearn to find but always seem too late to get to. Featuring accommodation in the lap of Himalaya, our efforts are focused on providing guests a holiday to be treasured and facilitate.Resort is designed with an modern theme, which reflect Nepali modern architecture.

Both the wings house rooms that are distinctly original, elegant and comfortable. Our Hotel team makes every effort to provide you with the best of the services to make your stay as comfortable and relaxing as possible. All the rooms in the newer wing face the valley, the big windows let in ample sunlight during the day that later transform into a screen that displays the glittering valley at night.